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79 AED


Most Versatile Massage Device, Shiatsu Back, Shoulder & Neck Massager with Heat, Suitable for Lower Back, Shoulder, Leg, Feet and Head with Deep Tissue Massage for Muscle Pain Relief to use at Home & Car

  • Using large and small kneading Shiatsu massage power nodes and 3-D rotational movement, the massage pillow creates a dip tissue massage action reliving sore muscles & Stiffness in the neck, shoulders, lower back, scalp, legs (thigh, calf foot). The massager relaxes overused and tight muscles rapidly and helps with sleeping.

  • The 3D Shiatsu roller balls move in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion and change direction every minute to massage and relive stress from different sets of muscles. You can change the moving direction of the nodes by pressing the multifunction button as well.

  • The heating functionality built into TECKWAVE massagers improves the supply of fresh blood and oxygen-rich nutrients to your muscles and relieves pain & tightness.

  • TECKWAVE (TW-M10) portable size, adjustable straps & electric car adapter make this massage pillow also suitable for mounting on car seat and relaxation in the car.

  • The back & neck massager is equipped with overheat protection and automatically switches off after 15 minutes of use to ensure a long lasting relaxation device suitable for home office, work and car.

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