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  • Compatibility: Accessories Kit for TECKWAVE (TW-R10) Vacuum Robot & Mop. The spare parts are easy to install and use. Depending on the use the replacement parts may be replaces between 2-4 months upon visual examination for better performance
  • Roller Brush: High performance roller brush to help the robot vacuum cleaner to capture hair and debris
  • Sider Brushes: The effective TECKWAVE side brushes reach deep into corners and edges and pull the debris into the suction mouth to be vacuumed
  • Mop Cloth: The washable mop pads, high effective in picking up dust off hard floor
  • Filter: The washable filters can be washed and cleaned to be used for a long period however it is recommended that they are replaced after a few months of use for better suction performance

TECKWAVE (TW-R10) Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop Spare Parts - Accessories Kit

SKU: 6297001080078

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    UAE & Spain