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450 AED

Smart Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop with 3000Pa Suction Power, Auto Recharge, Anti-Fall System & Mop Electric Water Tank

  • Power: TECKWAVE (TW-R12) robot vacuum cleaner and mop is a smart vacuum cleaner with Gyro navigation and power of 3000Pa, 400ml of dust capacity and 250ml water tank capacity making it suitable for both hard floor and carpet, dust, pet hair and any size littler or debris. One charge gives about 120 minutes of cleaning

  • Smart Navigation: This Robot vacuum is equipped with a processor that receives data from the gyroscope, infra-red sensors, wheel movement and the directions of the move to build an image of the room in its memory to be able to clean the area efficiently moving in parallel path unlike robots with bounce navigation

  • Electric Water Pump: Unlike Osmo mopping (dripping), this vacuum robot mopping operation is driven with an electric water pump meaning that the moping action can be switched on and off instantly using the remote control or the app. The amount of water output can be controlled remotely as per the surface & application.

  • Auto Recharge & Anti-Fall System: TECKWAVE vacuum robot is equipped with a highly accurate anti-fall protection system. It also identifies low battery status and automatically returns to the charging station to refresh itself! .These feature allows the vacuuming robot to be left alone to take care of its duties.

  • Voice Control: The vacuum robot is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant for voice control Instruction from anywhere within the house wifi network. This robot can really be an ideal and chic wedding gift.


The robots are fairly new devices and they evolve quite rapidly therefore we have listed some tips and some points raised by our customers in the past that should help you make the best use of your robot. We will continue updating this list as new questions arises:

  • The first couple of times that you use the robot, notice the tight areas, bumps or loose cables on the floor that cause difficulty for the robot to pass through and are potential causes of entanglement; and re-arrange so that the robot can move around the house freely while you are not at home.

  • TW-R12 has very strong side brushes that can penetrate under some types of carpet when moving up from hard floor to the carpet and get entangled. To overcome that, you can either roll the carpet or stick the edges to the floor with double sided tape or use the restricted area feature on the app

  • For day to day use, the medium level suction (Normal) is sufficient. If high suction power is not needed, use Normal to give longer run time to the robot for every charge. If you only want to use the mop, you may set the suction level on the lowest setting for longer working time.

  • If the wifi connection throughout the building is not strong, the location of the robot will not be updated on the app however that does not impact the operation of the robot. The robot does its job whether it is well connected to the house wifi or not. To avoid connectivity issues, if it is important to you, you need to create a mesh networks in the house using synced network extenders.

  • The wifi sensor is inside the robot, not the station. For the App to update the location of the station, the robot must start from the station with the app connected to the robot. If you move the station from one location to another, the robot will not know where the station has gone. You will have to put the robot manually on the station and restart. This is the case with all smart wifi connected robots.

  • If the robot starts from the station, it will go back to the station once it is done. However if you move it manually to another room and start it there, it will go back to the same spot where it started and switches off.

  • Sometimes the app may overestimate the battery use in the beginning of the operation and it may appear that the battery is being drained faster than it should. Please allow the robot to continue vacuuming and you will see that the battery usage shown on the app normalizes and shows the actual level.

  • Empty the dust box and clean the filters after heavy use. Remove any hair that is trapped in the roller brush or the wheels to avoid hindering its operation and exerting too much force on the motor.

  • If you are not using the mop, please empty the water.

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