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Custom Installation

Our cold plunge and chiller are designed for easy plug-and-play installation, requiring no more than 20 minutes for users to set up without the need for any tools or expertise. If you have a specific location in mind that lacks proximity to a power source, water supply, or drain, we offer customized installation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other Emirates in the UAE for a small fee to ensure your ice bath and chiller are perfectly placed.

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Power source, water Supply & Drainage

Our technical team will expertly handle the entire wiring process, which includes trunking and securely placing plugs to provide power to your chiller in the neatest and safest manner possible. Additionally, with minimal plumbing requirements, they will skillfully organize the water supply or establish an efficient drainage system for you.

Sun and Rain Protection for Outdoor Placement

If you plan to position the chiller outdoors for protection against sun and rain, you have the option to purchase the chiller with a wooden crate. Please inform us, and we will tailor the crate accordingly, ensuring adequate air flow to the system, before shipment.

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Message us for custom installation
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