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Cold Plunge & Chiller

  • Can I place my chiller and the plunge indoor or outdoor?
    Yes, you can place them either indoor or outdoor. However during the hot months of summer, it is advisable to place them indoor to avoid wasting energy & electricity as well as minimizing wear and tear on your device.
  • How difficult is it to set up the chiller & the tub?
    The whole set up should take no more than 15 minutes. Pump up the tub, hand-tight the provided hoses, fill up the tub and switch on the chiller!
  • What does the app do?
    TW-ICE30 chiller is fully controlled with TECKWAVE app. You can turn the chiller on/off, change the temperature and ozone setting and set up a time schedule for chiller to automatically switch on or turn off.
  • How do filtration & sanitization work?
    There are tree step filtration & sanitization built in our chiller: 1- Large metal mesh built inside the chiller that unlike older models with a small mesh filter, does not require continuous and routine cleaning 2- 20-micron high quality filter elements that separates any particle in the water and can be easily replaced 3- Ozon generator that creates Ozon (O3) and injects it in the water. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, and it can break down or convert a wide range of substances found in water, including organic matter, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. It does so by attacking and disrupting the chemical structure of these substances.
  • Do I need to add any chemical sanitization to the tub?
    It depends on several parameters. For casual use, if you shower before using the tub, the mechanical filtration and Ozon generator are sufficient. However if you plan to replace the water less frequently and extend its use, you have several options such as using Hydrogen Proxied, Chlorine or Bromate . Additional guidance is included in your instruction manual.
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