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  • Power: TECKWAVE (TW-R12) robot vacuum cleaner and mop is a smart vacuum cleaner with Gyro navigation and power of 3000Pa, 400ml of dust capacity and 250ml water tank capacity making it suitable for both hard floor and carpet, dust, pet hair and any size littler or debris. One charge gives about 120 minutes of cleaning
  • Smart Navigation: This Robot vacuum is equipped with a processor that receives data from the gyroscope, infra-red sensors, wheel movement and the directions of the move to build an image of the room in its memory to be able to clean the area efficiently moving in parallel path unlike robots with bounce navigation
  • Electric Water Pump: Unlike Osmo mopping (dripping), this vacuum robot mopping operation is driven with an electric water pump meaning that the moping action can be switched on and off instantly using the remote control or the app. The amount of water output can be controlled remotely as per the surface & application.
  • Auto Recharge & Voice Control : TECKWAVE vacuum robot identifies low battery status and automatically returns to the charging station to refresh itself! The vacuum robot is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant for voice control Instruction from anywhere within the house wifi network.

TW-R12 Smart Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop with 3000Pa Suction

AED700.00 Regular Price
AED395.00Sale Price
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