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Plunge with Class

The Finest Cold Plunge & Ice Bath in the Middle East

Revitalize Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Chill, Heal, Repeat Daily!


Quality Track Record

Years of experience in manufacturing Electronics & Electrodomestic products

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Lifetime Support

TECKWAVE technical team is committed to providing support & assistance during and beyond the warranty period


Physical Service Centers

Regional service centers & workshops based in UAE & Spain

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Cost Efficiency

TECKWAVE runs a lean operation to provide its products at highly competitive prices

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White Series for Minimum Sun Absorption

Available across Middle East
UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, BahrainLebanon, Egypt , Jordan 

Standard Ice Bath & Cold Plunge with Chiller & Filtration

Our all-in-one standard size package is ideal for home use and individuals with height of up to 190cm (6' 2") tall, the standard tub is the optimal choice, as it occupies the least footprint in the house and minimizes cooling time. 

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Free Delivery:

UAE: 2 days

GCC: 7 days

AED 14,000

AED 12,500


Standard Tub Dimensions: 132x76x62 cm

Cools water to 3°C and heats to 42°C

Seamless integration with TECKWAVE app, providing convenient control from anywhere.

Complete package: TW-ICE30 chiller + standard portable cold tub including all fittings