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Why choose inflatable? The thick layer of air in our inflatable cold tubs provides superior insulation, requiring significantly less energy and electricity to keep the tub cold. This makes them the optimal choice for hot climates, delivering an efficient and eco-friendly cooling solution.


  • Standard Tub Dimensions: 135x76x62 cm

  • The standard tub size is ideal for everyday use, offering ample space for a single-person immersion experience while minimizing the footprint in your home and time to cool down the tub

  • TECKWAVE TW-P10 portable ice bath is made of millitary grade, sun proof PVC shell and drop stich cord similar to high quality inflatable paddle boards

  • The cold plunge can be used stand alone with ice or plugged into any chiller

  • The cold bath tub can be folded back into a small bag (included) and carried anywhere

  • An inflatable lid to fully insulate the ice bath and keep the dust away

  • Included: Cold Plunge, insulated Lid, high volume hand pump & carrying bag    

Standard Ice Bath Made of Military Grade PVC

    • In the UAE (2 business days)
    • Outside UAE (3 Business days)- Available for KSA, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan Lebanon, Egypt
    • For Outside UAE, please email us a copy of your national ID (back and front) for boarder clearance to
  • If you have any questions WhatsApp Plunge Coach or send us an email to

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