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Revolutionized cleaning with Robot & cordless vacuum cleaners

With Years of Experience in Manufacturing Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Cheap TECKWAVE Robot Vacuum Cleaner TW-R20 in UAE
Cheap TECKWAVE Robot Vacuum Cleaner TW-R15 in UAE
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Ensuring the reliability and longevity of your electronic devices.

The only Robot Company with UAE Service Center

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Laser Navigation vs Gyro Navigation? The robot vacuum cleaners equipped with Laser navigation are capable of building a model of the house , furniture and all obstacles before they start the cleaning operation as if they have an eye. TW-R20 & TW-R30 vacuum cleaner robots are equipped with Laser Navigation Technology + SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Once the model is built and the floor and obstacles are mapped, the robotic vacuum creates a plan to vacuum the floor as efficiently as possible. The SLAM technology allows the robot vacuum to memorize all the point that it has already covered to avoid redoing the same area. The Gyro robot vacuum cleaners do not have an eye literally. They will need to move around the house, feel the boundaries to be able to construct a shape of their surroundings therefore they can not plan ahead. However robot vacuums such as TW-R15 that are equipped with Dual Dynamic Navigation (Gyro+ SLAM) are capable of memorizing the areas they have covered therefore these robot vacuums are capable of moving in an orderly manner and can avoid redoing the same area which makes them several times more efficient than only Gyro navigation vacuum cleaner robots.

Does Suction Power Matter? Suction power makes a world of difference in the cleaning performance of a robot vacuum cleaner. Imagine a much smaller device trying to replace your large traditional vacuum cleaner motor. The more powerful the vacuum robot is, the larger size particles it can pick up from the floor. TW-R20 TW-R15 are built with the most powerful motors that exist for robot vacuum cleaners as of today producing a max suction pressure of 4000Pa & 3500Pa. At the standard mode with suction pressure of 3200Pa, the vacuum cleaner robot can remove almost any size dirt and debris that you may usually see in homes. In the silent mode, which is perfect for running at night or while watching TV, the robot vacuum still produces 2500Pa of suction while working at a very lose level noise.

Mopping Systems: There are two types of mop watering system for robot vacuum cleaners with mop, continuous dripping and electrically controlled flow system. Most robotic vacuums come with continuous dripping as it is much less costly to make. In this system, the water continuously exits from the water tank to the mop cloth at a fix rate to keep it wet. TW- R12, R15 & R20 are equipped with an electric water pump controlled by the app or remote control and can be switched on when needed and the mop flow can be adjusted at anytime.


Quality Track Record

Years of experience in manufacturing Electronics & Electrodomestic products

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Lifetime Support

TECKWAVE technical team is committed to providing support & assistance during and beyond the warranty period


Physical Service Centers

Regional service centers & workshops based in UAE & Spain

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Cost Efficiency

TECKWAVE runs a lean operation to provide its products at highly competitive prices

TECKWAVe service center uae dubai, abu dhabi

Regional Service Centers

Workshop & Service Center

UAE & Spain

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