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  • TW-ICE30 is a complete chiller/heater & filteration system with 0.8HP power 

  • Plug & play; Only needs to be plugged in to any cold tub (pipes included)

  • Includes two filteration systems: Ozon water treatment and a large high density filter

  • Cools water to 3°C and heats to 42°C

  • Fully controlled with TECKWAVE App from anywhere

  • Included: All the required fittings & accesseries and 3 high density filters 

Compact Chiller/Heater & Filtration

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    • Free delivery in UAE (2 business days)
    • Free delivery to GCC (One week subject to customs clearance)
    • For Saudi, Kuwait, Oman & Bahrain VAT & import taxes will be collected at delivery
    • For Bahrain, customer is required to get approval from ministry of Environment for import
    • For saudi, please note down your national ID number at check out

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