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  • Power: TECKWAVE (TW-R15) robot vacuum cleaner and mop is the top of the range robotic vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 3500Pa, 600ml of dust capacity and 360ml water tank capacity making it suitable for both hard floor and carpet, dust, pet hair and any size littler or debris. One charge gives about 120 minutes of cleaning.
  • SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping): This Robot vacuum is equipped with a processor that receives data from the gyroscope, infra-red sensors, wheel movement and the directions of the move to build a map of the room in its memory to be able to cover the whole area without going over the same line several times like normal gyro robots or robots with bounce navigation
  • Magnetic Strips: TW-R15 comes with magnetic sensors and a magnetic strip that can be placed on the floor to create a virtual wall that the robot does not cross. Additional strips can be placed throughout the house to avoid the robot entering certain areas. It also identifies low battery status and automatically returns to the charging station.
  • Electric Water Pump: Unlike Osmo mopping (dripping), this vacuum robot mopping operation is driven with an electric water pump meaning that the moping action can be switched on and off instantly using the remote control or the app. The amount of water output can be controlled remotely as per the surface & application.

TECKWAVE Dual Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner (TW-R15)

AED800.00 Regular Price
AED495.00Sale Price
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